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The aim of the project

Education enhancing Business simulation software
Central-European academic competition

The goal of project TEACH (Transnational Education And Competition in High schools) is to develop skills, instead of fleeting lexical knowledge, to prepare students for nowadays unpredictable and ever changing world.

Our two aims with the project are:
- to organize a business simulation competition for high school students from Central-Europe
- to develop a freeware business simulation game for high school students

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The following section explains why project TEACH is good for you.

Education enhancing business simulation software

Project TEACH (Transnational Education And Competition in High school) aims to develop a software which helps tutors in their work.

transform the otherwise somewhat stale curriculum into something interesting and easy-to-understand, as they actively participate instead of just learning the concept (learning-by-doing). During the simulation the students have to manage a corporation as a team: they have to make strategic, financial, human resources, marketing, inventory management and commercial decisions and adapt to constantly changing market environment. The main advantage of the simulation is, as opposed to a real business, that there is no financial risk. Students can see what it is like to be in an executive position. According to our research this is an opportunity that can be a great motivation for students. Simulation develops skills such as procedural approach, teamwork, planning, a complex view and time management. The simulation can be easily integrated into everyday education. Thanks to its playful elements, learning can become an experience.

Target group of the software: Students studying in the field of Economics and their teachers primarily, but not exclusively.
Available in the following languages: English, Hungarian, Romanian and Slovak
Price: Free to use in high school education throughout the whole EU.